Hand Drawn Family Portraits

Years of artistic experience have endowed me with the ability to create a truly lifelike rendering of the human form. I have studied how light interacts with it’s surroundings, and from this I can create very realistic compositions of people from separate photos, as if they are sat beside each other. I create my own light sources and shadows so the final sketch looks like that moment has taken place. Each drawing is sprayed with a fixative to protect the sketch for years to come.

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Digitally Sketched Family Portraits

The perfect blend of traditional hand drawing and modern technology. My signature technique is hyper realistic, and incorporates elements of hand drawings to give each portrait a genuine pencil sketch appearance. To ensure that each portrait looks and feels like a genuine pencil sketch, they are printed on high-quality artist sketching paper. Available in both black and white or stunning colour, these portraits are an affordable way to preserve memories and make pencil art accessible to everyone.

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Combine Photos to Create a Realistic Composition

Merging multiple photos into one, I craft authentic and heartwarming scenes that feel like captured memories. No sketches, just the magic of combining elements to tell a unique story. Whether it's bringing generations together or blending different moments into a harmonious composition, each creation is a natural and genuine portrayal. Cherish your special moments in a brand new light with our personalized photo compositions.

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Hand Sketched Pet Portraits

Honour the special bond you share with your furry friend with a hand-drawn pet sketch. Whether you want a single pet portrait or a dynamic composition of multiple pets interacting, I will bring your memories to life on paper. My sketches are tailored to your specific requirements. Each drawing is sprayed with a fixative to protect the sketch for years to come.

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Digitally Sketched Pet Portraits

Using a technique that recreates my hand drawing style, my digital pet sketches blend hand-drawn elements with modern technology to produce art that looks and feels like genuine pencil drawings. Printed on high-quality artist sketching paper, my sketches are a beautiful way to preserve the memories of your beloved pets. Commemorate the bond you share with your furry friend and own a piece of custom, hand-drawn inspired pet portraiture today!

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Digitally Painted Pet Portraits

Perfect for pet lovers, my digital pet paintings are a unique way to celebrate your furry friend.With a variety of styles to choose from, including abstract designs, pop out of the frame art and watercolour explosions, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to add some colour to your home or office, or gift it to a loved one, my pet portraits could well be the ideal solution.

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Pencil Sketch Colourisation

As an extension of my hand-drawn pencil portraits, I offer a digital colourisation service that transforms my sketches into vivid, lifelike paintings. My innovative approach incorporates the essence a traditional painting by layering colour over my pencil strokes to create an image that is both true to my original vision and tailored to your specific preferences. The result seamlessly blends the realism of a hand-drawn pencil portrait with the vibrancy and depth of a painted image. This technique can also be used to colourise black&white photos.

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Photo Restoration

If you have old, damaged or faded photographs that you treasure, but they no longer look their best, you don’t have to let them go. With my expertise, I can repair old broken photos, remove cracks and stains, and restore faded colours to make your treasured memories look brand new again. Not only that, but I can also add colour to black and white photos, giving them a new lease of life. Don’t let your precious memories fade away – contact me today and allow me to restore them to their former glory.

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Renaissance Pet Portraits

With my expertise in digital art and attention to detail, I can place your pet inside a historical painting. Using advanced techniques, I create a lifelike depiction of your pet, complete with custom-made light sources and shadows to enhance the overall realism of the piece. This custom pet portrait makes a perfect and personalised gift for any animal lover and a wonderful way to celebrate the memory of your beloved pet. With a huge variety of historical paintings to choose from, you can select the perfect representation of your pet’s unique personality and presence.

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